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Resources for keeping inventory of your household

Our supplemental report this month is a great source of information about where you can go to get forms and ideas for keeping inventory of your household items.  There are free resources for hard copy forms, online  programs and software programs that are available.  Any claim for damaged or stolen property should show description, cash…

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Great Real Estate Newsletter!

Motivation = Incentives!  Potential real estate buyers may diminsh between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, but there are home sellers out there, and home buyers may find less competition for homes.  “Unlock 4th Quarter Opportunities in our Front Range Real Estate Market” is a great article that may give you some help in taking advantage…

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It's all in the connections

I was sent a link to a website that brought me to a page titled “Top 10 Uses for Wi-Fi (That Aren’t Just Connecting to the Internet).”  I confess I use my cell phone basically for the purpose of receiving and sending phone calls and emails from my real estate clients .  But this article indicates you can use your smartphone as a remote…

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