Jack O’Connor, RE/MAX Professionals answers a question on the minds of homeowners today:
How will homes being foreclosed in my neighborhood affect my home value for the future?

Answer: Since foreclosed properties are typically sold, “As Is” buyers are purchasing at slightly below market values which will affect the value of homes in the same neighborhood for the short term. However, most neighborhoods have a small percentage of sales that are foreclosures. In fact, foreclosed sales average 7% of homes selling today and most neighborhoods have another 6% of short sales occurring. This leaves 87% of all sales in most neighborhoods selling at market value holding the value of your home closer to the current market conditions.

Rational Thought: Foreclosures sales or short sales do negatively affect value in the eyes of the homeowners living in the neighborhood. However, like any other non-arms length transaction the reduction in value will be dictated by the number of foreclosed properties in relationship to other sales over the last 90 days. Since most banking experts and foreclosure services are stating that any additional numbers of additional foreclosures entering the market are at the peak, the market will see less valuation fluctuations moving forward then we’ve seen the last 36 months.

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