Ask me for information on:


  1. "Assisted Senior Housing," a booklet about the differences in senior-specific housing opportunities options.

  2. "It's Not What You Sell It For, But What You Get to Keep That Counts: The Profitable Use of Every Dollar of Your Real Estate Equity," for the 50+ seller.

  3. "Senior Residential Property Buyers," for the 50+ buyer.

  4. Suggestions of housing developments and residential areas for seniors in the Denver area.

  5. Companies who help seniors make decisions first of all about estate sales and consequently moving help and suggestions.


  1. Ideas that can be used in your home to help people 'age in place' - for example: Looking ahead_ 9 ways to adapt your home in preparation for older age - BT)

  2. Home modification ideas and helping seniors live independently - one resource is: Home Modification for Elder-Friendly Living -

  3. "Cost Efficient Ways Seniors Can Maintain Their Home & Equity," how to repair and hence maintain your home appliances.