With Verizon providing a version of the iPhone, I now need to make a choice in my next upgrade.   Trade my Blackberry in for an iPhone or the latest version of the Droid?  Years ago I had one of  those clumsy holders that were mounted in your car to hold my car phone.  At the time I had a client who was just amazed that he could call me any time, and I still think he would call me just to find out where I was!   The availability now of so many options of mobile phone technology has made the car phone something to be submitted to a local museum.

What about technology in the home?  You might want to consider some exciting and maybe even some eye-brow raising gadgets for your home.   Toilets with seat warmers and warm air dryers and deodorizers, programmable showers, biometric door locks with fingerprint recognition are all examples of high technology available for today’s home.   Some of the options are quite affordable, and they are all examples of how our homes have changed over the years!  Call or email me if you would like a copy of a list of the latest home gadgets and see if there isn’t something there that could brighten up the life in your home – like the toilet seat with the built-in LED lighting!

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